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The Secchi Disk Foundation runs the Secchi Disk study, the World's largest citizen science study collecting essential data on the marine phytoplankton. The Secchi Disk Foundation is a UK charity running a global project that relies wholly, upon sponsorship and donations. Read the study's 1st results in the journal PLOS ONE


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Your sponsorship will engage people of all ages in fun, hands-on science to make a valuable contribution to our awareness and understanding of ocean life.

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The Secchi Disk Foundation



To promote the conservation of the marine environment worldwide for the public benefit by engaging the public in scientific study and to facilitate research of marine plankton and the food chain in order to advance collective knowledge and understanding of the marine ecosystem and to maintain biodiversity for the public good.


Prof. P J B Hart

Mr P Housego MA LLB

Mr A G A Wates MBE